Join our new series of cocktail and networking events aiming to expand the professional network of new Olim and establish connections with managers and executives in the technological and marketing ecosystem in Israel.

Research shows us that in order to integrate in their new home – Olim need connections. 
Most of this aliyah came to Israel leaving careers, owning higher education and accomplished professions. They left behind everything and are trying to start fresh here in Israel. In order to help with this first step – we initiated the Network Project – a series of networking meetings with Israelis who share a professional field, who can be “mentors for one evening”, to answer questions and tell a little about how things work here.

Mingling over drinks and snacks

One-on-one BrainDates sessions

Inspirational lectures

?Are you new Oleh in Israel

If you are a new Oleh professional in Israel, we’d love to connect you to a Local Professionals from your industry.
We created this event series to help you build a professional network in Israel. Our network of local professionals is looking forward to meeting you and connect you to other people, in their network. 

?Are you local professionals

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The war that broke out a year ago in Ukraine brought a significant wave of Aliya. About 70k Olim came to Israel in the last year. Join us to help them build a quality professional network that will help them integrate into Israeli society and find employment that matches their skills.

This initiative is run by a partnership of NGOs with the support of the private sector.